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Show Jumping Qualifier @ West Park EC, Tow Law, County Durham,


80cm , 90cm, 100cm, 110cm. Show Jumping Qualifier – West Park EC. Sunday 1st December 2019


SJ1: QUALIFIER FORMAT Riders jump two rounds. Riders will jump the first round and then the second round separately. The second round will be run as a single phase competition, which will combine the second round and the jump-off. The first half of the course should be set at the second round height, with the second part of the course set at jump-off height. The course should be timed in two parts, with the second half being recorded as the jump-off. If necessary the first half of the round can be timed manually depending on the availability of timing equipment. The jump-off will follow straight on from the first part of the course without stopping. All team and individual members (unless the individual is eliminated in first round) will go forward to the second part of the second round (jump-off) unless eliminated in the first half. The second half of the second round (the jump-off) will be classed as both the team and individual jump-off. An area may choose to run a separate jump-off at the end of the class for individuals and use the second part of the second round as the jump-off for teams only (this will be at the areas discretion and must be relayed to competitors on the schedule).

Should a team member be eliminated before reaching the jump-off phase in the second round they will not continue forward to the jump-off section and the team will continue as a team of three. The Official Steward reserves the right to stop anyone who is in multiple classes if BRC feel the horse’s welfare is compromised. This competition will consist of two rounds, the first round will not be timed, but the second round will be timed. If a jump off is required, then all four horses will be required to jump, individual clear rounds will also be required to jump off.

SJ1.4.1: Single Phase Course for Qualifiers 

For qualifiers the second round will be split into a combined second round and jump off. The first half of the course should be set at 5cm higher than the first round height.

The jump-off part of the course should be set at 10cm higher than the first round height at the discretion of the official steward.

Number of fences should be equally split between the two parts and where possible both sections should contain a double, this could be the same as the first part of the course so fences could be jumped twice provided they are jumped in the correct direction and it is safe to do so. It is recommended that at least 2 fences are changed between classes (including seniors and juniors) where possible. Careful consideration should be taken where horses are shared between seniors and juniors or a horse is competing at more than one height in the same ring.

Horses that take part in the 80 may take part in the 90, but not above that height. Horses that take part in the 90 may take part in the 100, but not above that height. Horses that take part in the 100 may take part in the 110, but not above that height.


Senior 80cm 

Horses may be currently registered with BE but must not have been placed in the first six in any BE 100 or completed BE105 or above in the current or previous calendar year at close of prelim entry . They must have no BS winnings, and not more than 1 BE point.

Senior 90cm

Open to senior members of an affiliated riding club that have paid their membership for the current year. Horses must not to have won 500 BS points, or 20 BE. Horses cannot have competed in Intermediate (100/110cm) Winter Championships. 

100cm Senior/Junior mixed 

Teams may be any combination of senior and/or junior or all senior and junior Horses cannot compete at both Novice Winter Championships and Intermediate Winter Championships. A horse cannot jump the same course of jumps more than once on the same day, except in jump offs. Horses cannot have competed at over a 100cm SJ or higher at National Championships in the same competition year. From 1 October 2019

If you wish to enter the Show jump qualifier the entry fee is £19 and needs to be with Nicky by Fri 1st Nov - Please state clearly what height/heights  you wish to do.


Note if you enter the 80 Show jumping the first round is 80cm the 2nd round is 85cm and the jump off section is 90cm
This format applies to all the heights

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