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Dressage to music Qualifier



Dressage to Music Qualifier.

Holmside Hall EC.

Sunday 30th August 2020 – closing date 8th August




Dressage Test


Entry Fee

Class 1

Junior Prelim Dressage to Music 

BD Prelim Freestyle to Music (2016)


Class 2

Senior Prelim Dressage to Music

BD Prelim Freestyle to Music (2016)


Class 3

Junior Novice Dressage to Music 

BD Novice Freestyle to Music (2019)


Class 4

Novice Pairs Dressage to Music (Mixed)

BRC Novice Pairs Dressage to Music (2018)


Class 5

Open Pairs Dressage to Music (Mixed)

BRC Pairs Dressage to Music (2018)


Class 6

Senior Novice 0 Points Dressage to Music

BD Novice Freestyle to Music (2019)


Class 7

Senior Novice with Points Dressage to Music

BD Novice Freestyle to Music (2019)


Class 8

Elementary Dressage to Music


BD Elementary Freestyle to Music (2019)


Class 9

Pick a TestDressage to Music

Medium/ Advanced Medium 

BD Medium Freestyle to Music (2016)


BD Advanced Medium Freestyle to Music (2016)


Rules.  These are pertaining to the current situation, and may change at any one time.

On the morning of the competition anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms, however mild, should stay at home. Anyone who has been in contact with someone that is showing symptoms should stay at home. Anyone considered vulnerable should stay at home.  All those attending to check their own temperature before leaving home. This applies to volunteers and officials too.   We will have a thermometer to check if necessary.

Riders must have their own BD numbers either bridle or saddlecloth.

Riders should text 07816249943 telling that person that they have arrived at the venue and are ready for their allotted time for warm up arena.

Riders to be permitted to wear soft face masks that cover the mouth and nose, but no face shields are permitted. Nothing is to be attached to the riding hat.  

Passport checking should be done electronically before the event for the remainder of 2020. Checks should not be done in person on the day. Team managers should collate for their team/riders, check the vaccinations and send them to the designated checker for the event. All passports should continue to travel with the horse as it is a legal requirement.  

Health and Safety Officer to oversee all control measures.

Horses will only be permitted to compete in two individual championship classes (pairs not included). Competitors that qualify the same horse in three individual championship classes will be required to choose which classes they will contest at the Championship.  

This must be declared to the Official Steward at the area qualifier on the day.

Parking on the day will be as below, a parking steward will be available.

Lorries should be the following distances apart: 

a. 10m apart f allowing tying up of horses on both sides, b. 5m apart if allowing tying up of horses on one side ,c. 3m apart as the minimum allowed, and with no tying up of horses permitted 

There will be very limited viewing – due to social distancing.

No dogs

Declarations form to be emailed to organiser night before competition. All changes to be done the night before. All competitors will be checked against forms when they arrive in warm up arena.

Bridle numbers only.   – no swapping of holders.

Competitors to bring their own refreshments.  

Scoreboards – scores on a BRC competitions page, access to results by phone as well, and website to avoid the need for scoreboards where crowds will gather. 

Presentations – Post rosettes and prizes after the event to avoid having gatherings for prize-giving’s. 

Official photographers – Online sales of photographs only – no viewing or purchasing on site. 

All queries to be texted to the event phone (07831729726) within 30 mins of results being posted online. Strictly no objections after this time. 

In a 25m x 60m arena = 5 horses  

Competitors not to arrive before a stated time and then ask them to leave once they are finished  Horses will be given a warm up time for the warm up arena and also a time for their test or tests.

Volunteers – To be sourced from available personnel.

Non-clinical PPE (personal protective equipment) such as face masks and gloves should always be used as an additional or ‘last’ measure to control a risk. 

All entrants must pay a prelim entry of £20 per individual and £26 per pair to British Riding Clubs at least 21 days before the date of the qualifier (above). Entries can be made via prelim website: https://brc.bhs.org.uk/login?referral=%2Fselect . or forms can be found on the BRC website for postal entries www.britishridingclubs.org.uk. Late prelim entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organiser with a late surcharge of £10 per individual or £10 per pair (payable to BRC HQ), if there are sufficient spaces.  Late entries cannot be guaranteed therefore must not be paid for until approval from the organiser has been sort.

If the date of the qualifier is cancelled for any reason, the close of prelim entry will remain.  However, if the qualifier is moved more than 21 days later, entries will be re-opened but late entry fees cannot be refunded.  Eligibility will be approved at the original close of prelim entry.

All individual competitors and at least one of the pair riders must hold BD Music/standard membership in order to compete.

Hats  All hats must have a visible aqua BRC/BE/PC hat tag in place before they are used for warming up and competing, to show that it meets the current safety standards.  There will be a trained official available on the day to do this for you if your hat does not currently have one.

Your horse must have up to date influenza vaccinations in line with rule G7 in the current BRC Rulebook.  There is also a checking device on the BRC website, but if you are unsure, please call BRC on 02476 840518.

Please find the Dressage to Music entry form on https://www.britishridingclubs-area2.com/events-schedules


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