Summer league Dressage series @ Upsall Grange Equestrian

(May 25, 2018)


Intro B


6.00pm    Pam Wotton               Scooby  12th       58.26

6.07pm    Kacie Culshaw             Bond    1st         73.04

6.14pm    Heather Nixon             Comet   9th         63.26

6.21pm    Tracy Arnell                  WIFI    10th        60.86

6.28pm    Jane Bowles                  Panda    3rd      66.95

6.35pm    Bella Murphy                Patrick    4th       66.73

6.42pm    flo Sunley                       Max      7th       64.56

6.49pm    Suzanne Walton           Temba Diamond   2nd    68.26

6.56pm    Leona Wilson                 Run Free   11th   60.43

7.03pm    Kay Brown                      Peppe   6th         65.43

7.10pm    Chloe Hardwick             Daffie  5th            66.52

7.17pm    Theo Hopkins                 Jackson   8th       64.13


intro winner Kacie Culshaw 

Well done to our Intro winner Kacie Culshaw who rode Bond.



Prelim 2   


7.30pm    Bella Murphy            Patrick   9th       65.34

7.37pm     Jane Bowles             Panda   10th     63.45

7.44pm     Lucy Austick            Maisie    3rd       68.45

7.51pm     Kay Brown                Peppe   7th=     65.89

7.58pm     Flo Sunley                 Max   11th        63.22

8.05pm     Louise Humphrey    Gilly   5th            67.24    

8.12pm     Emily Richardson     Josephine  2nd  71.37

8.19pm     Frankie Dunn            Smokey  8th      65.86

8.26pm     Emily Power              Tubby  7th=       67.24

8.33pm     Jen Wison                  Totty   6th         66.37

8.40pm     Dee Corbett               Rio  1st             74.14





9.00pm     Louise Humphrey     Gilly     2nd   62.60

9.14pm     Dee Corbett                Rio     1st    65.86




Winner of Prelim and Novice Dee Corbett and Rio. Well done!

Prelim & novice winner Dee Corbett & Rio

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