Arena Eventin @ Richmond EC

(November 24, 2019)

A really good day for yarm as we had 3 teams entered for this event.

70cm Team

Emma Lambert - Calypso VII

Helen Hardy - Apache Pony

Chris Rogers - Village Storm

Alison Worthington - Ariel 

Came 5th as a team with Alison coming individually 3rd!


80cm Team

Hannah Herron - Hugosthere

Ellie Duffield - Ella

Laura Lodge - RSPCA Charlie Brown

Came 2nd as a team with Ellie coming 3rd individually.


90cm Team

Naomi Hall - Foxfolly Double Joker

Kate Chapman - Dexter Flex

Claire Chapman - I am Denis the Mennace

Although they didnt manage a team score today Claire came individually 13th and Naomi came 17th.


A massive well done to all who competed and helped on the day!

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