Novice Dressage Qualifier

(November 06, 2022)
Yesterday team Yarm were at it again competing in the novice dressage qualifier and we had another cracking day! Yarm Blue came team 2nd (Lauren, Babs, Ann & Claire) and Yarm Red came Team 4th [Louise, Chris, Jen & Theo]!
Individually placings were as follows:
Prelim 12 (WL Non-Q) Chloe & Return Ticket 1st, Chloe & Pendly Majestic 2nd
Novice 24 (WL Non-Q) Chloe & Return Ticket 1st, Theo & Dory, 2nd, Chloe & Pendley Majestic 3rd
Prelim 7 Lauren & Chester 1st (Q), Louise & Larry 9th, Jen & Dougie 10th (IND)
Prelim 12 Babs & Snoop 3rd, Louise & Larry 5th (IND), Chris & Storm 14th
Novice 24 Jen & Tinkerman 2nd (Q) , Ann & Darcy 7th
Novice 27 Jen & Tinkerman 1st (IND Q), Theo & Dory 2nd, Claire & Clyde 3rd
Huge well done ladies!
Babs Snoop Novice Drsg

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