Summer round up '23

(September 27, 2023)

Summer round up 2023

Well team Yarm have been super busy! We have had teams or individuals at nearly every competition and championship this year [so far, it’s not over yet!]

Arena eventing Area Q.

70 team 4th [Chris 14th, Abbie 45th, Laura 34th, Kate 9th]

80 team 4th [Helen 7th, Babs 12th, Kate 23rd, Chloe 21st]

90 Ind Libby 1st


70 team 2nd [Chris R, Abbie 23rd, lucy 7th, Theo 3rd]

80 team 2nd [Theo 3rd, Chloe 15th, Babs 7th, Claire 20th] – Qualified for Championships

Combined Training Qualifier.

Team 2nd [Kate 11th, lucy 6th, Theo 2nd, Claire 2nd -Q]

Novice Champs.

Claire ind 2nd dressage, Lauren ind 8th.

SJ team 4th [Theo, Chloe, Babs, Claire]

Combined Champs.

100 challenge area 2 team 7th [Claire ind 9th]

CT Theo ind 9th. Team [Kate, lucy, Theo, Claire]

Horse Trials Qualifier.

80 [Helen 6th, Laura 9th, Babs 1st, Claire 2nd] team 1st


Claire 85style ind 1st

Abbie 70 4th ind

Dressage Q.

Novice team 2nd [Chloe 5th, Chris w/d, Jen 1st, Claire 3rd]

Pairs [Jen, Chloe] 3rd

HT Champs.

Babs 4th, Claire 2nd [Helen, Laura]


Claire style85


Phew! Now full steam into winter qualifiers starting 21-22nd Oct.

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