More teams qualify for the Nationals!!!

(July 22, 2012)

The riding test and dressage qualifiers were held at Heldey West Farm, Beamish on Sunday July 22nd. We had 3 teams entered: 2 in the riding test and 1 in the dressage.

This was for the NAF National Championships to be held at Lincoln in September.  

In the riding test the yellow team won and qualified for the Ntaionals. Results are as follows:

Riding Test Yellow Team    1st place

 Emma Gibbon   Fletcher  indiv 3rd

Rachel Ealand   Oscar     indiv 10th

Sally Ratcliffe    Wilton     indiv 5th

Joanne Tate      Bailey     indiv 2nd

 The green team are awaiting confirmation at the moment and their results were as follows:

Riding Test Green Team     2nd place

 Chris Rogers          Storm     indiv 7th

Nicky Dare             Tom       indiv 4th

Michelle Benison    James    indiv 1st

Ann Jennison          Mac       indiv 7th


 The Prelim dressage team  came 3rd :

 Emma Gibbon  Fletcher  indiv 7th

Chris Rogers    Storm     indiv 6th

Rachel Ealand  Oscar     indiv 7th

Nicky Dare       Tom       indiv 3rd

 And the Open dressage team won and have also qualified for the Nationals:

Open dressage team  1st place

 Sally Ratcliffe        Wilton   indiv 1st

Ann Jennison        Mac      indiv 5th

Michelle Benison   James   indiv 3rd

Joanne Tate          Bailey    indiv 1st

 A HUGE well done to all competitors and congratulations to all who qualified!!!!!

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