Summer Dressage League

(September 04, 2013)

These are the results of the summer league dressage series.

 Friday 14th June 2013                                                               

            Intro B                                                                    Prelim 10                                                  Prelim 1

 1. Michelle Bennison on Max                    1. Chris Rodgers on Storm                              1. Chris Rodgers on Storm

 2. Danielle Wild on Ollie                            2. Liz Myers on Remy                                        2. Liz Myers on Remy

 3. Hannah Bowels on Teddy                     3. Lauren Thomas on Prince                            3. Danielle Wild on Ollie


 Friday 12th July 2013

           Intro A                                                                      Prelim 12                                                   Prelim 4

 1. George Teece on Ruby                        1. Liz Myers on Remy                                          1. Liz Myers on Remy

 2. Lauren Green on Elmo                         2. Holly Thompson on Julliette                            2. George Teece on Ruby

 3. Hannah  and Beau                                3. Lauren Thomas on Prince                              3. Holly Thompson on Juliette

  Friday 16th August 2013

          Intro b                                                                       Prelim 18                                                     Prelim 7

 1. Lauren Green on Elmo                         1. Lauren Thomas on Prince                                1. Lauren Green on Elmo

 2.Lauren Green on Clover                       2. Natalie Everette on Casper                             2. George Teece on Ruby

 3.George Teece on Ruby                        3.Laura Frewer on Revel                                     3. Jo Tate on Annie



 Intro Champion was Lauren Green on Elmo. She was also the highest placed member in that section.

 1st Prelim champion was Liz Myers on Remy. The highest placed member was George Teece on Ruby who was also 2nd overall

 2nd Prelim champion was Lauren Thomas on Prince. She was also the highest placed member.

Well done to everyone who took part. Dont forget the winter dressage league will be starting soon!

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