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AGM 2021 Minutes & Award winners

Minutes of Yarm & District Saddle Club AGM



Babs Allen, Jane Bowles, Claire Chapman, Kate Chapman, Nicky Dare, Lauren Green, Helen Hardy, Ann Jennison, Emma Lambert, Laura Lodge, Megan Munkley, Gill Rhind, Claire Robinson, Christine Rogers, Aimee Whiteside, Helen Whickham, Alison Worthington.

Apologies: Lucy Austick, Ellie Duffield, Theo Hopkins, Shelly Woodward

The meeting was opened by the Chairman Christine Rogers who welcomed everyone to the meeting 


Chairman’s report – Christine Rogers


 This has certainly been the strangest and most frustrating year since I became involved with Riding Clubs.


We had a couple of normal months at the start of 2020, training was well supported, the club enjoyed success at Area 2 competitions which included the grass roots dressage, the dressage qualifiers and the combined training qualifier before covid struck. Competitions were cancelled, training had to be cancelled and some members were not even allowed to see and look after their own horses!

As the first lockdown eased, we began to get ourselves and our horses going again, although by then many riding club events had already fallen victim to covid and those which did run were rather strange with no spectators, the arrive, compete and leave ethos meaning no socialising or atmosphere. 

Then we had the 2nd lockdown and some things were allowed to continue but with ever increasing red tape and paperwork. Mask wearing became standard but at least we were able to enter some competitions and do some training.

Meetings became virtual with all the technical issues they create from sideways profiles, sound and camera issues and phones and computers doing their own thing. We ventured into the world of virtual dressage competitions which have been successful. The club suddenly had the most riders for a long time taking part in area competitions and qualifiers, riders just keen to do something with their horses keen to be in club teams. Yarm were having a very successful season with many teams and members being placed and some qualifying and looking forward to going to championships in 2021. 

Then bang, 2021 arrives and we are back in another lock down and many future events, championships and activities are cancelled again.


I currently feel more than a little frustrated as I see footballers and other elite sports people socially interacting with each other on TV but we are not even allowed to have a socially distanced  1 to 1 lesson. 

I am disappointed for all our members who won qualifiers and were looking forward to going to a championship which has now been cancelled. Some of our members have had it a lot tougher than others, we have key workers for whom work and life has been tough, Members who have lost loved ones or been unable to see family members for weeks or months. Some members have had to cope with strangles at their yards and some have had to say their final farewells to their horses.

I feel very sorry for all the struggling business owners, equestrian and otherwise but in particular the riding school owners who have lots of hungry horses to feed and exercise and no paying clients allowed.

However for some of us, horses have been a source of freedom and sanity. We have had to go out to care for them and been allowed to ride as our daily exercise. Our horses have no idea there’s a pandemic and I personally am so grateful that I have my horses and have something to enjoy away from all the madness that’s going on in the world.

I have no idea what 2021 holds for us in the way of riding club activities, we already know so much wont be happening but if vaccines work and life returns to some sort of normality lets hope we can begin to resume and enjoy riding club activities before too long.






Treasures Report – Nicky Dare


Good evening everyone


Well the club has survived yet another year and we have made a small profit of £104.70.

As at the end of December 2020 we finished with a balance in the bank of £4,449.05.

This looks quite healthy but £500 of that is for membership already paid for this year.


We held a virtual dressage competition on 26 June 2020 which went very well and we made a profit of £119.28.

As this proved popular we decided to run a virtual league over the winter. The first two have taken place the third one finishes the beginning of February. The first one made a profit of £33.72 and the second a profit of £62.30.


Our main income each year for the club is from membership and what we can arrange to put on ie the virtual dressage this time.


Big expenses for the club are our affiliation fees and insurance and this year to the BHS and the Area we paid ££800.00.


As a club we are committed to training and try to put on various lessons and clinics throughout the year although this year has been a bit sparse to say the least but we do try and subsidise where we can.

Never the less we still retain a healthy bank balance and hope to be able to do the same this year.


Our membership will remain the same for this year at £30.00. 


On that note I would like to thank you for supporting the club this year and hope we have successful year this time.


Thank you very much



Secretary’s Report -Ann Jennison


Welcome to the meeting and as we all know it has been a very difficult year, but I would like to thank all our loyal members for their continued support. Due to rescheduling we had to register some of our members early this year so that they were on HQ’s data base for the Arena Eventing competition taking place on 2.1.21 and at this point there were 23 members who paid their fees, though unfortunately this event ended up being a victim of COVID-19 and was cancelled.


Since then, we have had a further 13 members take out membership. These were all re-joins as unfortunately, we haven’t had any new members to date, but under the circumstances this is not surprising. Hopefully as things improve, we will have some more interest.


So, our total number of members, at this present time is 36, which is exactly the same as this time last year.


Ann Jennison



Training Officer’s report- Gill Rhind

Its been a very disrupted year all round which has led to a mixed year for training. Since taking up the position as training officer we have had a couple of periods where training has ground to a halt. Despite this, we have managed to have flat work lessons with Leslie Perry and Jill Horseman, show jumping with Paddy Muir and Peter Allen and cross country with Ashley Suddes. Claire Dryden worked wonders developing our flexibility and core stability, while Gemma Halliday from Finding Focus helped us overcome fears and anxieties through her Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Thank you to all who attended and i hope more can join us this year once we are up and running again. Im looking forward to putting together more training this year and would love to hear any ideas and suggestions you would like to try and/or feel your fellow members would enjoy.


Thank you



Election of Officers

All the current post holders are happy to continue in their roles and as no one objected they were all re elected.

The committee is as follows

Chairperson – Christine Rogers

Secretary – Ann Jennison

Treasurer – Nicky Dare

Vice Chair – Ann Jennison

Training Officer – Gill Rhind

Team Manager – Babs Allen

Welfare Officer Ann Jennison

Website – Aimee Whiteside

Face book – Lauren Green

Committee members – , Lucy Austick, Ellie Duffield, Theo Hopkins, Claire Robinson, Alison Worthington.




3 Awards were presented


Team Award (the Squirrel Shield)– given to Theo Hopkins for her dedication, success and positive attitude to teams in 2020


Training award (The Nutmeg Shield) – Given to Lauren Martin for making massive progress with her horse in 2020


Volunteers Award (The Trennett Shield) – Given to Alison Worthington as she  volunteered to help at nearly every event in 2020.




Rosettes from the show jumping qualifiers are still with Area 2 But Nicky know exactly who needs what and will hopefully be able to collect them at the next area competition.


Volunteers – This has been a recent discussion topic at area 2. Members are reminded that Riding club competitions are run by volunteers and that by joining a riding club they are agreeing to volunteer to help at some point throughout the year

All Clubs in Area 2 will be included in the rota of helpers.

Yarm are to help are Arena Event and at Horse Trials in the Summer.


On line dressage – The Championships which were cancelled have now become on line and if the team wishes to enter its £52 per team which we consider rather expensive for an on line comp.


Prix Caprilli and Riding test

This has been rescheduled to Holmside and is due to take place on Sun 28th March

Its winter league only. Chris to put the details together and send an email to all members to see if we have enough interest for teams.


Camp – Aimee is in the process of sorting camp for 2021. It will be at Dennis Eventing from Fri June 4th to Sun June 6th 

As soon as costs have been sorted as we want to offer non jumping/hacking  places alongside jumping to accommodate more members then it will be advertised by email website and Fb and opened up for members to book places.


Claire Robinson thanked the club for their donation.


The meeting then closed.




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