Winter Dressage Series

(February 19, 2023)

The results for the fourth and final leg of our winter dressage series can be found below along with the championship series results. A hugh thankyou to everyone who makes these competitions possible; the riders, their equine partners, Claire Robinson for the use of her fantastic facilities, Lillian for keeping us all fed, our judges and of course the volunteers. None of this would be possible without each and every one of you!

Dressage Sunday 19.2.23      Judge Moira    
Intro C - Seniors      
    % Pos
Katie Parkes Grace 70.43 1st
Beth Hyde Beau 67.39 2nd
Theo Hopkins Womble 66.08 3rd
Hannah Jackson Captain Morgan 61.3 4th
Sian Smith Pugsley 60.43 5th
Gemma Wales Gilly 60 6th
Chris Rogers Squirkle 59.13  
Freddie Helm Bobbys girl 55.22  
Rebecca O'rouke Esther 53.04  
Intro C - Juniors   % Pos
Emily Slaney Fred 68.69 1st
Lillie Pearson  Perdita 64.74 2nd
Paige Slaney Rocky 60 3rd
Ava Harrison Rocky 59.13 4th
Josie Lee Milly Lee 57.39 5th
Bailey Gibbon Comet 54.35 6th
Emily Baxter Sheldon 51.74  
Prelim 18 - Seniors   % Pos
Theo Hopkins Womble 68.85 1st
Katie Parks Grace 68.08 2nd
Rebecca Pink Tri again 67.31 3rd
Lucy Fletcher Pea 61.92 4th
Wendy Hanley Pilar 61.92 5th
Beth Hyde Beau 61.54 6th
Laura Curston Jasper 61.54  
Chris Rogers Squirkle 59.42  
Freddie Helm Bobbys Girl 52.69  
Prelim 18 - Juniors   % Pos
Holly Tate  Larry 66.92 1st
Sophie Gibbon Patrick 64.23 2nd
Willow Tate Pod 58.85 3rd
Holly Tate  Patrick 58.08 4th
Novice 34    % Pos
Rebecca Pink  Tri Again 67.62 1st
Jessie Hooper Homer 64.76 2nd
Wendy Hanley Pilar 57.62 3rd
Lucy Fletcher Pea 56.67 4th


Championship series results  
Intro - Seniors    
Theo Hopkins Womble 1st
Chris Rogers Squirkle 2nd
Gemma Wales Gilly 3rd
Sian Smith Pugsley 4th
Intro - Juniors    
Paige Slaney Rocky 1st
Emily Slaney Fred 2nd
Cole Danaher Sanka 3rd
Lillie Pearson  Perdita 4th
Bailey Gibbon Comet 5th
Felicit Duke Grace 6th
Prelim - Seniors    
Rebecca Pink Tri again 1st
Wendy Hanley Pilar 2nd
Chris Rogers Squirkle 3rd
Prelim - Juniors    
Sophie Gibbon Patrick 1st
Holly Tate  Patrick 2nd
Willow Tate Pod 3rd
Novice Series Results  
Rebecca Pink  Tri Again 1st
Wendy Hanley Pilar 2nd
Jessie Hooper Homer 3rd

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